The Luxury Maserati

The Luxury Maserati

Maserati is a Italian luxury car manufacturer that was introduced back in 1914 in Bologna , Italy. Not known by many, initially Maserati was associated with its long time rivalry, Ferrari. However, in 2005, Maserati merged with Alfa Romeo (Fiat Auto) ending the association with Ferrari. Groups of the best engineers, mechanics, technicians and a lot more are required to make each and every vehicle produced is the one and only.
Owners of luxury cars such as Aston, Ferrari, Porsche, Mustang, Bugatti and others are required to pay a huge sum of money to buy insurance for their master piece. When you own an exclusive car as mentioned, you will definitely feel the pinch when you pay the sum of money just for insurance. But bear in mind that with this insurance you will be covered (might not be fully covered) if anything were to go wrong. However, when the warranty of the car is near its limit, cost of the car depreciates significantly. Hence, renew your insurance on time to safeguard your asset.
Models of Maserati before the year 2007 seems to have more problem with the transmission. This is because they uses hydraulic controlled manual transmission (Duoselect transmission) without a torgue converter. This could lead to expensive clutch repair which costs around $5,000 (depending on the model). For normal cars, most of the us will look for used auto parts to reduce the cost of maintenance. But for these luxury cars, it will not be easy to find for any used parts because of its specifications.
On most engine of luxury cars, cam belts must be change every 3 years or every 18,000 miles. Failure to do so will result in malfunction of the engine. As a result, the engine will usually need to be replace or rebuild which again, will cost a large sum of money. Besides that, service / repair of any luxury car takes longer than normal cars due to they require specific skill / technique to repair the master piece. This can be very time consuming and troublesome, especially when you're involve in business which requires you to travel a lot.
Dealer / service centre
As at 2011, dealers / service centre for Maserati located in United States are less than 50 centres. This means that not every state has a dealer/service centre. It would be inconvenient for those who live / travel in the state without a Maserati dealer / service centre.
Having a luxury car can be very satisfying for one's life especially for those young entrepreneur who dreams of having a sports car. However, satisfaction comes with the risk. Consider wisely!

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