The Toyota Highlander Hybrid

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Toyota launched its first hybrid SUV in 2005. The Highlander Hybrid is the top-selling hybrid SUV. The RX400h, made by Toyota's sister company Lexus, is the most similar car. They have the same hybrid system, horsepower, performance, fuel economy, and were created by the same chief engineer. Their price tag differs by about 10 grand with the Lexus on top. Here are the stats for the Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV:

33/28 MPG (2wd)
31/27 MPG (4wd)
Price: $32,490 base to $36,550 Limited with third row
Approx. $5,000 more than the Highlander non-hybrid
2008 models have an EV button that allows the driver to operate on battery power only up to 25 mph.
All hybrids are a V6
Hybrid system net power: 268 hp
Available Third row- this is a huge selling point for us as the Lexus hybrid doesn't offer the third row.

Highlander Hybrid with Third Seat Down

Steering Wheel Audio Controls

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