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Vehicle Details

Vehicle ID : 20250232
Price FOB JPY 810,000
[Above Price Information]
"Car Price" excludes any export cost.
"FOB Price" is Free On Board.
Year2007 / 06
Model codeDBA-AZR60G
Region NameAichi
Seller's commentIf you have any questions on this vehicle, please feel free to inquire.
Specific Information
Chassis numberAZR60-3128285
Car Body ShapeMinivans & 1BOX
Number Of Passengers8
Drive Type2WD
Exterior ColorPearl White
FeaturesAir Bag, ABS, Air conditioning, Power steering, Power Window
Features(Other)Power sliding doors on both sides
Car HistoryPrivate car

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Honda Insight

Stock No: 19858
Export size: 10.54 m3
Price: USD 12,933
FOB Price:USD 13,600

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Special Notes 1300cc, ABS, Airbag, AAC, Discharge headlight

Honda Insight general characteristics

First registration (year/month)2009 / 07
Engine typeLDA-MF6
Capacity5 passengers
Chassis No:ZE2-1104150
Manufacture date (year/month)2009/N/A
Dispalcement1300 cc
Steering WheelRight
Mileage17550 km
Vehicle Typesedan

Condition And Damage of Honda Insight

JP RatingN/A
Driving Conditiondrivable
Engine Startstart
Interior ConditionB

Location, Registration and Inspection of Honda Insight

Location: Nagoya, De-Registration Certificate available, Syaken Inspection N/A

Options of Honda Insight

Power Windows, Power Steering, Cassette/Radio, ABS, Auto AC

Honda Insight Air Bags

Side PassengerN/A
Seat DriverN/A

Mini confirms Coupe comes Barbarian early 2013

Mini confirms Coupe comes Barbarian early 2013

Mini Paceman Concept

Car and Driver reports that Mini has confirmed the three-door version of the villager will be the first in Paris Motor Show in September. Renamed "Coupe barbaric", the production version of the 2011 Detroit Auto Show Concept Mini Paceman on sale next year as an example of one of the end of 2013 coming.

C and D are concerned that the real deal brass accents have the idea, but says that others will be "virtually identical". Coupe barbaric tab and menu options are likely to follow suit by offering four out the door, according to reports.


Stay on the go InfotainedChevrolet Traverse is looking in the sense and present, inside and outside the

 Violence and appearance are the main exporter of sports cars only park. Not hot or Afterschool pickup towers, that is all and everything should still feel the car and refined meter. Chevrolet Traverse crossover utility vehicle has been for all of life, and the loading space and comfort massagers, and a leader in safety standards inside the classroom. No AIS traveled emblematic.
Renewal, and renewal, Traverse 2013 shows a new exterior design. SES Nigres sculpted lines and accents include Ft Flexx large grille headlights and taillights and chrome accents mutate With fog lights and LT of Waltz.
Beautifully tailored selection Traverse 2013 has redefined inside. On various building materials soft-touch surfaces on the dashboard and door panels. Ambient lighting illuminates interior subtly. Fragile barriers adjustable to allow for customized fit while you are driving. News stunning used as accents the interior with stitching and different interior trim on the Wood in LT and Waltz. 2013 Traverse elevator interior appearance and comfort without compromising the breadth of the gospel throughout.
Drivers enjoy the best year yet with the class maximum luggage space, 116.3 cubic feet2, or up to eight adults and massagers in LS LT. There are more than three positions behind the line of any competitor in its Group miquel. And as always Traverse was designed drivers safety in mind and their relatives, Traverse 2013 continues to rely on technology and its predecessor premium safety and innovative features.

Land Rover

Land Rover is a luxury off-road brand that has developed from one system of the same name originally sold to Rover. 

UK company based in Solihull, West Midlands was once owned by BMW, then bought by Ford and eventually sold Jaguar to Tata Motors in 2008. Rover land is considered the second oldest off-road brand in the world behind the Jeep.

2012 Volkswagen Pic

2012 volkswagen passat 1 Pictures
The car Volkswagen has been referring to as the New Mid-Size Sedan will be badges a Passat. We already saw a new Euro-market Pastas unveiled in Paris a few months ago, but this one is different. It’s been designed for , and will be built here, too. We’re getting our first look at the car at the 2011 Detroit .
2012 volkswagen passat 3 Pictures

2012 volkswagen passat 8 Pictures

2012 volkswagen passat 7 Pictures

China, Beijing Motor Show 2012

China, Beijing Motor Show 

China's "mother tiger" phenomenon is illustrated in the image above is the concept Jeep Wrangler design of the dragon at the Beijing Auto Show 2012, accompanied by a professional stand. The model - she, not the Jeep - a few faithful friends in the comments section of Autoblog, but it turns out she and her kind has drawn the ire of Chinese authorities.

The Ethics Office of Capital Development has given the organizers of the Beijing Motor Show a beating because the "scantily clad models" had "a negative social impact" and the show was warned not to leave "vulgar advertising "recurrence.

 There is plenty of space between the leather bustier and a burqa, however, that all is not lost for the show next year in Shanghai.

Car of the year 2012

Car of the Year 2012. Smart car.

2012 Volkswagen

MSRP: $19,795 - $24,950
MPG Range: 28 - 30 mpg
Body Style: Hatchback

2012 Volkswagen 

Recovery in new car sales that began in 2010 continued in 2011, although the economy is still fragile and the threat of the high price of gas. So, as usual? Not at all. Streets of America is changing rapidly, with small cars and fuel efficient cars, taking part of the increase in the market. New car buyers now have more choices than ever - more vehicles and propulsion systems. The choice of vehicle is right for you is harder than ever.

Support We do this Buyer's Guide 2012-2013 new cars. We divide the 162 models currently for sale or soon to appear in dealerships in the U.S., and concise, step reviews that allow you to make informed decisions, regardless of vehicle that you are looking to buy. Electricity or eclectic, Fiesta or Ferrari, the use of gasoline or gas sipping, we are covered.

Beats Walking*
For Your Neighbors**
Right On The Money***
Fuel For Your Soul****
Drive Before You Die*****
5M: 5-speed manual; 6A: 6-speed automatic
7-sp auto-cl man: 7-speed auto-clutch manual
8-sp twin-cl auto: 8-speed twin-clutch auto
BMS: Blindspot monitoring system; Rear cam: Rear view camera
FWD: Front-wheel drive; AWD: All-wheel drive; RWD: Rear-wheel drive
S: Standard; O: Optional; N/A: Not available

5M: 5-speed manual; 6A: 6-speed automatic
7-sp auto-cl man: 7-speed auto-clutch manual
8-sp twin-cl auto: 8-speed twin-clutch auto
BMS: Blindspot monitoring system; Rear cam: Rear view camera
FWD: Front-wheel drive; AWD: All-wheel drive; RWD: Rear-wheel drive
S: Standard; O: Optional; N/A: Not available
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