Do others judge you by the car that you drive? To be honest, most people are probably too concerned with their own lives on order to really notice what you drive. However, there are those who pay attention and not only notice but actually pass judgment based on what you drive.
I have driven an economy car before and a luxury vehicle and I definitely notice big difference in how I am perceived. I used to get pulled over quite a bit by law enforcement in my economy car, however, I have been driving a luxury car around four years now and I don't recall being pulled over once. My driving habits have remained constant. This tells me that officers judge me on my car; I appear more as an upstanding citizen in my luxury whereas I come across sketchier and questionable in an economy car. Ludicrous, I know, but this is life!
Let's look at a few common ways we judge people based on what they drive. People always assume that trucks like the F-150 are driven by big burly men who are manly and rugged. Minivans are generally thought of as the domain of housewives and suburban families. Corvette drivers are usually thought of as older men having a mid life crisis while anyone who drives an exotic vehicle is thought of as someone with tons of money and an appetite for speed and danger. These stereotypes may very well be false but unfortunately that's what people assume based on what you drive!

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