Honda Fit EV

Honda Fit EV
What is it? This electric version of the Honda Fit is powered by a 20-kWh lithium-ion battery and coaxial electric motor derived from the FCX Clarity fuel-cell vehicle. The EPA has officially rated the vehicle 132/105/118 city/highway/combined MPGe.
Efficiency is aided by a user-controlled, three-mode system like that used in the Honda CR-Z hybrid. Drivers can select Economy, Normal, or Sport to bolster efficiency or performance. Honda says the differences are an increase of 17 percent in driving range with the Economy mode over the Normal mode and 25 percent better than Sport mode. In Sport mode, the performance is adjusted for improved acceleration.
To help further conserve energy, a dashboard display can help the driver determine when to shut off accessories such as the air conditioning or radio to save electricity. Drivers will also be able to connect via a smart phone or computer to manage the vehicle’s energy use, though hopefully not when behind the wheel. A pocket remote also allows connectivity to the vehicle. With these tools, drivers will be able to check charge, start a charge, or activate air conditioning, as well as provide charging alerts to help with utility rates, a 24-hour roadside assistance, and a charging station locator.
The battery can be charged in 12 hours when using 120-volt outlet and around six hours with a 240-volt outlet.
When will it be available? The Fit EV will be available to consumers in California and Oregon this summer.

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