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  • Land Rover  Range Rover  - 2013

new range rover 4 for india

Land Rover in India is preparing to introduce the new Range Rover 4, revealed last week in India in the first quarter of 2013, can reveal. The new Range Rover 4 is the flagship model of Land Rover, and will compete with the most exclusive SUV and luxury sedans in the Indian market.
In terms of design, the new Range Rover continues its classic design language and instantly recognizable, with simple shapes and straight lines. YEARS wraparound headlights taillights are new, and have a distinctive look to the new Range Rover 4.
land rover freelander 2
The biggest change for the new Rover is in the form of construction. Given the synergies that Jaguar and Land Rover now share much of the technology used to manufacture the new Range Rover comes from Jaguar. Bonding and riveting is widely used in new construction chain greatly Rover aluminum, which leads to a significant reduction in weight and increase rigidity. Land Rover's engineers say the new Range Rover helmet is up to 185 kg lighter than the steel hull of the current model.
new range rover 4 interior
Of course, Land Rover can not leave the factory without any true SUV credentials and Range Rover 4 best results of anything in this regard. Fording depth of up to 900mm is huge, while the range of 597mm wheel travel is really amazing! Ground clearance is 310 mm, which means that the Range Rover 4 should be more than capable of anything owners throw at it.
new range rover 4
Land Rover Terrain Response system brand has evolved to include "Auto" which automatically detects the type of surface of the Range Rover is on (if mud, grass, gravel or snow or sand), and automatically switches to that mode.

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  1. if this new model of range rover can actually detect the kind of terrain I am driving on then this sorts out the many problems I have been having. There are many time when I stay out late and when driving back home I hit pot holes unintentionally, what a timely innovation.

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