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 High-end Limo executive car company Limousines World has been in the business for over thirty years and now introduces the RHD Mercedes limo. This new Mercedes is available in both S-Class & E-Class models with an abundance of features. It comes equipped with a champagne chateau for the hardwood bar with ice chests, and also has a hands free intercom.

For entertainment purposes passengers will enjoy AM/FM stereo, a CD/DVD system, and either dual 7 or 13 inch flat screen televisions. For business, the limo provides Wi-Fi capabilities for internet & 12V electric ports (nifty for gadgets).
Other amenities include illuminated vanity mirrors, facing seats, armrests with cup holders, vanity console, and storage area lighting. This beauty can seat up to 10 people (dependent on the size). If this thing had a bed, you’d only have to leave to use the bathroom.

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