Toyota Avalon mocks the new brand before its debut in New York

Kiichiro Toyoda founded the company in 1937 by the cleavage ofthe automotive division company Toyota Industries from his father.Now based in Toyota City, Japan, the company also operates fiveassembly plants in the U.S. major The Toyota Camry is currently thebest selling car in the U.S. and the hybrid Toyota Prius is the most sold.

Toyota has released a teaser image of what he says is aredesigned sedan will make its U.S. debut at the Auto Show 2012 in New York next week. It is not immediately clear if the vehicle is aconcept or a production car, but Toyota has not issued any showcarrating, suggesting that this is something that will be in dealershipssoon. Described as "athletic and elegant look," joked the back-endprobably belongs to the next generation full-size Avalon sedan.

Although it can not be sure until the envelopes are removed to NewYork, the Avalon is our best estimate based on the descriptions ofthe dealers of new Toyota Avalon model, presented in June last year were compared Merchants between the redesigned Avalon and premium cars like the Audi A7 and the Jaguar XJ, suggestingthat will happen a traditional sedan with a four-door coupe styleTheteaser image provided by Toyota today supports it, show strong C-pillar slope and little or no rear axle. And while the section lines tothe trunk are not visible in this representation would not be surprisedif it's a trap.

New Toyota sedanwhatever, will be released worldwide on 5 April at the Auto Show New York. We'll be covering live, so keep your computer tuned for more cars for sale.

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